Lesson Plans: Week of March 20-24

All Classes:

Monday: Complete expository essay assigned before spring break. Warm-up with revising/editing passage and review of grammar rules. Apply these to expository essay writing – revise/edit and submit by tomorrow in class.

Assigned: English 1 – Complete Part 4 of Red Pony and expect a quiz on Wednesday. Expository essay is due tomorrow w conclusion and paragraph transitions. Pre-AP English 1 – Work on reading of persuasive passage from literature book and review of persuasive terms handout. Persuasive Essay is “Libraries Face a Sad Chapter,” pages TBA in class. Continue reading Autobiography or Biography and work on your final THREE journal responses in your booklet. These are due by Friday as part of your Unit test grade. 

Tuesday: English 1 – Review reading passages from benchmark and question stems/answers. Make needed corrections in your journals. Expository essay is due today. We will spend time receiving peer feedback, revising and editing, and turning in for teacher scoring. Complete reading of Red Pony and expect a Socrative Quiz and written response question.

Pre-AP 1: We will review benchmark reading passages and any struggles with reading comprehension or interpretation, make needed corrections in our journal, and work on scoring a model expository essay. Persuasive reading unit continued with “Libraries Face a Sad Chapter” and graphic organizer. Discuss writer’s use of persuasive elements as per our handout definitions. Continue reading Autobiography or Biography and work on your final THREE journal responses in your booklet. These are due by Friday as part of your Unit test grade. 


Wednesday:English 1 –  Quiz and written response over Part FOUR of Steinbeck novella. Please come prepared. Complete corrections for reading passages from benchmark, noting question stems and literary/expository elements that are tested. Practice passage in class on FRIDAY and expository essay practice.

Pre-AP 1: Persuasive reading unit continued by examining writers’ uses of inductive and deductive reasoning in King’s essay about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. We will read and take notes of the essay’s structure and answer some persuasive questions at the end of our reading. We will finish

these in class on Friday. Remember your last installment of non-fiction journals are due by FRIDAY as new test grade for autobiographical/biographical reading.


FRIDAY: FINAL preparations for upcoming state assessment by REVIEWING KEY STRATEGIES, timing issues, and the expository essay. English 1 – We will discuss the basic structure of persuasive essays and reading strategies. 



Lesson Plans: Last Week of 3rd Nine Weeks

English 1: Monday – Reading of Part ONE of Steinbeck novel due today, plus THREE ANNOTATIONS, containing reading question and ANSWER. We will share these in small groups and make needed connections. Second quiz today. Complete EDITING practice from EOC benchmark and recorded needed rules and corrections for missed questions. Quiz PLAN for expository prompt and write introduction on lined-essay paper.

Assigned: REading from RP by Steinbeck, pages 38 – 49, PART 2, The Great Mountains. Record SIX more questions and use COSTA’s levels of questions for deeper questioning this round. Due on Wednesday. This next reading assignment will be part of your NINE weeks test, plus your knowledge of literary terms as provided in your literature book. 

Tuesday: Essay Instruction – Review effective HOOKS and make sure we have secured this important skills, along with the BRIDGE And thesis statement. Use short video to reinforce paragraph development. Make corrections to EOC benchmark expository essay on plan or lined paper and submit. Work on PLAN (webbing or listing) for next expository essay.

Assigned: REading from RP by Steinbeck, pages 38 – 49, PART 2, The Great Mountains. Record SIX more questions and use COSTA’s levels of questions for deeper questioning this round. Due on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Share SIX annotated notes and then take NINE weeks test over literary terms AND questions from Red Pony, Part 1 and 1/2 of Part 2. Remainder of Part 2 of Red Pony is due Friday. Quiz in class.

Thursday: Expository essay writing in class. Review THESIS statement, Supporting Details in the body paragraphs, and transitioning between ideas. Essay due by Friday.

Assigned: Remainder of Part 2 of Red Pony is due plus beginning of Part 3. We are trying to read at least 30-40 minutes a day to work on fluency and critical thinking about literature. 

Friday: Peer feedback and scoring of our last expository essay of this nine weeks. Make needed corrections before submitting.

Lesson Plans: Last week of 3rd Nine Weeks Grading Period

Monday: Pre-AP 1: Quiz over reading of nonfiction selections. Review Writing Elements for Dialectical Journaling from biography/autobiography. Discuss the grading rubric. Next THREE entries from 50 pages of reading are due on Wednesday. 

Review last Revising and Editing passages from E.O.C. benchmark and rules for revising and editing. Make needed corrections in your journal and add rules you did not know, as needed. Timed planning of next expository essay before spring break. We will watch and take notes over the two short videos about supporting details and HOW and WHY these are so important to support our THESIS statement.

Tuesday: Pre-AP 1: Plan and write next expository essay on web and then begin writing on lined paper, carefully selecting supporting examples and correct transitioning between paragraphs.

We will finish writing this essay in class tomorrow, taking it through some revising and editing exercises on graph paper.

Assigned: Next THREE entries from 50 pages of reading are due on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Pre-AP 1 – IN reading circle, share your next three dialectical journal entries and discoveries with peers and provided feedback about response-analysis-evaluation. Peer feedback on your expository essay and revising and editing of your draft for final drafting. Continue reading from your biography/autobiography.

Assigned: Last three dialectical journal entries from autobiography/biography are due Friday. Nine weeks test tomorrow which will be practice EOC skills and reading passages.

Thursday: NINE weeks test, which will cover revising and editing, use of appositives and participial phrases and critical reading skills.

Friday: Complete reading corrections of EOC benchmark in your journal and submit and begin reading persuasive terms and passage from Stephen King on “How Scary is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Reading of biography/autobiography will be due Friday, March 24th.

English 1 – Week of February 27 – March 3

English 1 = Monday Reading of Sally Ride’s expository essay, “Single Room, Earth View,” Pages 467-474 is due today. We will have a brief quiz over this text and discuss the writer’s organizational structure, development of main idea, supporting points, transitions, purpose and conclusion. We are also writing essays that should follow an organizational pattern – either cause-effect, order of importance, comparison/contrast, etc.

We will complete our review of fragments and run-ons and correct some as practice. Then we will begin correcting our benchmark test from last Tuesday, noting the grammar rule in our journal and on the test itself.

Assigned: Corrections for Gibson/Jordan biographies due tomorrow on notebook paper. Read tonight another expository essay written by Lorraine Hansberry entitle, “On Summer” on pages 455-460. Due Wednesday. Come with any questions you have recorded in your journal and complete the vocabulary words’ definitions as you read also.

Tuesday: Corrections for biographies’ critical questions due today. We will warm-up with another grammar practica applying rules to our writing with sentence combining. Continue with our corrections of the state benchmark in our journals and our test-booklets.

Assigned: REading of “On Summer” by Hanberry is due tomorrow with vocabulary words defined as three questions a person would have during and after reading this expository essay.

Wednesday: Review reading strategies and multiple choice strategies for test-taking and making inferences. Begin correcting reading portion of benchmark and take short quiz over outside reading of “On Summer by Hansberry.” We will also go to the library and check-out a Steinbeck novel for outside reading.

Tonight make needed corrections to your HOOK in the benchmark essay and begin correcting topic sentences and elaborating in body paragraphs. We will share our corrections in class tomorrow and re-score a peer’s paper.

Thursday: Reteach of the elaborated body paragraph using the elaborating game – which is really the 5 Ws and 1H – What? When? Why? Where? To What extent? How? We will apply this to our reading of benchmark reading selections and then our essay writing. Elaboration skills were weak in this area. Much work needed. 

Friday: Writing and Reading Day – making final corrections to our state benchmark w/supporting evidence from the passages. Assigned pages from Steinbeck novel are due Monday. We will discuss our reading schedule in class this week.



Lesson Plans: Pre-AP 1 – Week of February 27 – March 3

Monday: Reading of Sally Ride’s essay, “Single Room, Earth View” pages 467-474, due tomorrow. Expect a quiz and then answering some of the questions on page 474 with complete ideas and supporting evidence. You will also be required to correct last expository reading of biographies for Barbara C. Jordan and Althea Gibson.

With any remaining time, we will continue our review of avoiding fragments and run-ons and then begin to correct our benchmark revising and editing passages.

Assigned: Begin reading the first 20 pages of your non-fiction (biography or autobiography) selection and annotating for the writer’s use of biographical elements as given in class. First reading check is Wednesday.

Tuesday: Warm-up review and practice of sentence combining, by avoiding fragments/run-ons, and using appositives and participial phrases. Share any thoughts about beginning read of selected biography – author’s childhood, style of writing, etc. Continue corrections of benchmark and recording key rules for these passages.

Assigned: First biography reading assignment is due tomorrow with annotated notes in book or journal, ready to share in small reading circles. Remember in addition to biographical elements, you may also cite the writer’s addressing our complexity icons as shared in class.

Wednesday: Quiz over outside reading, using targeted critical questions in class. Share your responses in small group and check for SIX elements of good writing. Complete corrections of 1 – 28 revising and editing questions and another sentence combining exercise. Next 20 pages are assigned for Friday from outside reading selection and annotated notes for stylistic elements, narrations shifting from exposition to description to narration, etc. 

Thursday: Reteach of effective HOOKs using another expository prompt – timed writing of introduction/webbing or outlining and begin body paragraph 1 with more well-chosen examples and supporting details. We will continue our writing process in class on Friday at which time we will go back to our benchmark essay and re-write areas of weakness, namely body paragraph elaborated examples and conclusions.

Assigned: By tomorrow you should have read the next 20 pages from your outside reading book and annotations to share in small literary circles tomorrow.

Friday: Literary circles sharing of outside reading, author’s style, narrative techniques, use of imagery, supporting details, etc. We will complete our corrections from our expository writing and continue writing our next expository essay, incorporating more rhetorical strategies such as parallelism, repetitions, rhetorical question and the analogy.

Reading assignment for Monday will be announced this week! 

Lesson Plans: Week of February 21-24

Pre-AP English 1: TUESDAY – End of Course Benchmark – 5 hour testing

Wednesday: Continue Appositives exercise + Participle Phrases. We will begin our study of informational/procedural texts and comparative nonfiction as well.

Thursday: Meeting with Mrs. Pearce – course selection/scheduling

Friday: Continue study and application of phrasing from infinitives to appositives and participles. We will apply this to sentence combining exercises and continue reading and understanding of terminology with procedural and informational texts. Before leaving, review strategies for writing effective conclusions.

Monday, next week – Outside reading of nonfiction (autobiography or biography) will be assigned.


ENGLISH 1 – TUESDAY – End of Course Benchmark –  5 hour test

WEDNESDAY: Half-Day Classes – Practice Grammar Exercise of sentence=combining and APPOSITIVE phrases as identification for noun. We will also practice writing our own, based on images/pictures and color-coding these.

THURSDAY: Mrs. Pearce comes to speak and discuss course selections.

FRIDAY: Examine EOC results if available by then and your expository essay on “Failure can strengthen people.” We will add to our repertoire using these writing instruction videos:

Lesson Plans: English 1 Week of February 13 – 17

Monday: English 1 – AFter our review of Focus, Focus, Focus on the THESIS, the star of the show, we will begin practice of our plan and introductions today. Writing in timed situation, receiving peer feedback, and revising/editing for specificity. We will also preview a model essay about FAME, how the write employs elaboration, Taking CHANCES essay. AS needed, refer to Mr. Sato’s video “How to WRite a HOOK.”

Assigned: Complete WEB plan and introduction of expository essay for tomorrow’s class.

Tuesday: Peer-review effective introductions and expository essay w/grammar questions embedded. Begin elaborated body paragraph, using a variety of examples from real-world observations, literary allusions or personal examples. WE will refer to our Quick-Write as a source of ideas and also listing specific details before writing, as we often lapse into TELLING, rather than SHOWING.

Assigned: Complete elaborated paragraphs for expository essay – writing to be understood and to share. Tomorrow we will peer review our essays in class.

Wednesday: Peer-REview expository essay, revise and edit using DRAFT and CUPS steps. Begin reading expository essay about issue(s) and answer critical questions that follow from textbook.

Assigned: Next Quick-Write check is due tomorrow. #5-8 topics. WRite on blue paper please as this will be easier to keep up with.

Thursday: Revising and editing warm-up and writing with appositives and participial phrases for concision and clarity. We will also be examining comma usage and restrictive/non-restrictive clauses. Record rules and examples in your journal as we examine models, practice our own constructions, and note professional models as well.

Friday: Examine a model persuasive essay to note similarities and differences from expository essay structures, purposes, writing techniques of argumentation, using a Stephen King persuasive essay. Take notes in class. Monday we will review the basics of poetry and any final review needed before our ELA benchmark Tuesday.