Lesson Plans: Week of May 1-5

English 1: Monday – We are introduced to persuasive elements (reading through a listing of terms and techniques) and we will watch TWO video segments about persuasion, one from TedEd Talks and another Youtube instructional video.

We will read our first persuasive essay, written by yours truly, and annotate this for the above mentioned elements from Hook, Bridge, Thesis to Concession/Strongest Reasons, Rebuttal and effective conclusion. We will also read a persuasive essay by Stephen King in which he argues for the effectiveness and allowance of some horror movies or themes into the life of children.



Thursday and Friday: Back on Board – we will continue with the reading and structuring of S King persuasive essay and then begin answering some critical questions about his essay. These questions will be answered during class time and then graded tomorrow by the end of class. With any remaining time, we will view some scenes from Amy Tan’s Rules of the Game vignette and Cask of Amontillado, the culmination of our short story unit.

Assigned for Friday: Complete the appositive phrases exercise as given last week, please.

Lesson Plans: Week of May 1 – 5 (Last month of 2016-2017 school year)

MONDAY & THURSDAY – as most will be out with E.O.C.s

Pre-AP 1:  As reading warmup, we will read John Donne’s Meditation: No man is an Island and compare to excerpts from Wiesle’s “The Perils of Indifference.” Complete test essay about Wiesel’s progression of hatred/anger in his memoir Night. Submit for peer review, making final revisions, and submit for test grade. Watch short instructional video on the art of persuasion, take notes, and begin reading “Libraries Face Sad Chapter,” by Hamill in literature book. We will examine not only his message and persuasive techniques but the framing of his argumentation, in preparation for our own persuasive essay.

Ted ED Talk – The Art of Persuasion

8th period,, you will be ahead of 5th period this week because your E.O.Cs do not interfere with your class period at the end of the day. No Worries



Thursday: Back on board – We will complete our graphic organizer outline for Hamill’s argument about libraries need to survive and be promoted and supported in our society. We will complete our open book test critical questions and take the accompanying quiz.

Friday: We will complete our viewing of the interview between Oprah & Wiesel at Auschwitz, noting the questions, his present concerns, and the atmosphere of the setting and sites from the Holocaust. -Monday – we will be our persuasive writing mini-unit and then head into Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

See ya Monday!



Lesson Plans: English 1 & Pre-AP 1 April 24 – 28

MONDAY – English 1

English 1: We will begin by grading our C.O.A questions and receiving peer feedback for our Coat of Arms Projects. Make any needed changes, as well. I will share the results of mine too! Then with time remaining, I will introduce our mini-unit on persuasive techniques. We will be reading three persuasive pieces and write one-two persuasive essays about a debatable topic.

Assigned: By THURSDAY you should have read the two short stories, Gift of the Magi and The Rules of the Game, by Amy Tan and plot pyramids. Do not share your work with another student, please.

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY – Mrs. Pearce will be coming with course-selection information…

Thursday: Reading of Gift of the Magi and The Rules of the Game and story pyramid will be due. We will then take open book test on this day.

Friday: Complete Open Book test on short stories as needed and begin introduction to persuasion with instructional video and graphic organizer for deductive vs. inductive reasoning and persuasive elements. We will continue this unit on Monday next week.


Pre-AP 1: Monday – Grading of Chapters 6 – 9 Questions and complete practice of metaphorical examples from Night, using tenor and vehicle. We will then discuss reading of Wiesel’s essay about the Dangers of Indifference. The questions/answers to this passage, with references to the memoir, will be due on Wednesday.

Assigned: MAJOR TEST over Night on Thursday – characters, key events, quotations, conflicts, motifs, literary devices, and significance of minor characters, and relationships.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Mrs. Pearce will be coming with course-selection information.

Thursday: MAJOR TEST over Elie Wiesel’s Night.

Friday: Reading of “Libraries Face Sad Chapter,” Graphic Organizer, and critical questions. If we don’t finish in class, this will be due on Monday.


Lesson Plans: April 18-21

English 1: Introduction to Persuasive Writing + background information to the Coat of Arms Project.

Students who have been absent will be taking their short story TEST during class.

Read through the persuasive terms provided, highlighting key words in the definitions and noting examples. We will apply these terms to reading of S. King’s persuasive essay. Take notes on the definitions, examples of inductive and deductive reasoning in journals. And then begin reading the Stephen King essay. We will be answering the questions at the end of the essay IN CLASS.

Tuesday: Grammar exercise, M.I.T.S, on adverb clauses and introductory phrasing. Next we will pursue relative clauses. Read the King persuasive essay together and work on notes to illustrate essay structure and use of either deductive or inductive reasoning. Tomorrow in class, we will answer the critical questions about this persuasive article.

Wednesday: Complete King questions about persuasive essay, structure, supporting details, and our assessments and grade questions in class. We will then be grading these in class.

Thursday: Work on COAT of ARMS project by completing the brainstorming/questionnaire about interests, symbols, hobbies, values, etc. and then draw the EIGHT symbols which represent these on your shield – must follow the rubric requirements of color, symbol, significance. Then WRITE your essay explanation on the lined page provided. This is due by the end of class on FRIDAY.

Friday: Continue above project, which is due by the end of class. If you finish writing your rough draft early, you may go into PEG and type your response in our portfolio system. The prompt will read “COAT OF ARMS” explanation. If finished early, you may start reading our next persuasive essay, “Libraries Face Sad Chapter.” See you Monday! Mrs. W

Lesson Plans: April 18-21

Tuesday: Pre-AP 1: Questions due from Night, Chapters 3 – 4, please. Then we will take notes from the Wiesel Interview and make connections to the memoir. Also, your juxtaposition/irony essay should be submitted on PEG at this point. Peer review will be required and polishing for final draft. Assigned: Read Chapters 5 –  6 of Night and select 3 passages for analysis on Thursday, which you will explicate during class.


Wednesday: Read together in class persuasive essay, “Libraries Face Sad Chapter” and work on graphic organizer. Then complete the libraries face sad chapter open book test questions as we read.  Quiz over passage on Thursday.

Thursday: If persuasive essay notes and open book test are NOT completed, please do so today and submit to the sub. Continue reading and working on explication of NIGHT, chapters 5 – 6.

Friday: Chapters 7 – 9 of Night – read during class today and work on final set of questions and comparative passage provided/with questions. If you do not finish in class today, these will be due Monday when I return.

Pre-AP 1: Lesson Plans – April 10 – 13

Monday: Discuss Wiesel’s writing techniques in Chapters 1 – 3 from motifs, figurative language, perspective, metaphors, and DIDLS/TONE to create meaning, for emotional effect as well.

We will also read Sharon Olds’ poem, “They Come for the Jewish Family,” and make connections to our reading thus far.

Assigned; Reading of Chapters 1 – 3, character chart, and questions/answers for 1b-6b are due tomorrow for grading in class. You will also have a quiz over reading tomorrow.

Tuesday: Night, Chapters 4 – 6 due by Thursday. We will discuss the next phase of Wiesel’s journey and his change in writing/perspective as his journey progresses. Examine DIDLS for selected passages. We will begin our next persuasive passage from “Libraries Face Sad Chapter,” and/or the Stereotyping essay by Heilbroner to examine use of persuasive techniques, claim, concession, counter-argument, etc.

Assigned: Reading of Night, Chapters 4 -6 are due by Thursday + dialectical journals of these chapters. We will review the elements of Dialectical Journaling for this.

Wednesday: Persuasive essay writing, in small groups noting the writer’s use of the elements of persuasion, organization, method of argumentation, and counter-argument. We will graphic organize this on a chart and prepare an argument statement, observing what are the writer’s most powerful persuasive techniques.

Thursday: Reading of Night chapters 4 – 6 are due along with dialectical journals which we will share in our small groups and submit. We will return to yesterday’s persuasive essay lesson and complete our group activities. Answers to the assigned questions will be due by Tuesday.

Assigned: Reading Night Chapters 7 – 9 are due by Tuesday of next week.


Lesson Plans: April 10 – 13

Monday: English 1 – Discuss questions to Scarlet Ibis Quiz from Friday and make needed adjustments. Share plot, vocabulary and questions from Poe short story and discuss the significance of a family crest, at the time. We will work on plotting the events, looking at a dramatization of this story and answering the critical thinking questions.

Assigned: Work on assigned questions for Cask of Amontillado. Re-quiz of Scarlet Ibis will be tomorrow on Socrative so bring your chromebooks. 

Tuesday: English 1 – Grade questions assigned for Cask of Amontillado and work on decorating and designing your family crest to share in small groups tomorrow. 

Wednesday: Grammar exercise on sentence structures and sentence combining. Share artistic project from C.O.A. and begin next mini-unit on Persuasion, reading through persuasive terms and video on deductive/inductive reasoning and counter-arguments. Complete grammar exercise if you did not finish in class today

Thursday: Read the Stephen King persuasive essay, “Now you take Snow White and Bambi – That’s Scary.” We will use a graphic organizer to discuss King’s organization of ideas and development of argument. Then we will complete the assigned questions on page 307 in class and will complete these on Monday if we do not finish today.

Friday: Good Friday Break!

Lesson Plans: April 3 – 7

Monday: English 1 Read Scarlet Ibis and completed an anticipation GUIDE and three strong, well-chosen examples to support our claims. Then Vocabulary B exercise, using context clues and dictionary for sentence writing.

Tuesday: Continue reading Scarlet Ibis and complete the plot pyramid while reading and then answer the 8 questions on page 395 at the end of the short story. We will grade these in class on Friday.

WEDNESDAY: CTE DAY – no classes w Mrs. W

Thursday: Review work, assignments, questions about short story.

Assigned: Questions page 395 – all are due tomorrow which we will grade in class before our quiz. Come prepared.

Friday: Grade Scarlet Ibis Questions and complete any assignments not submitted to the sub on Tuesday. QUIZ – 32 questions over Scarlet Ibis and writing of a summary.

Assigned for Monday: Read Edgar Allan Poe’s Cask of Amontillado pages 56-68 and complete vocabulary and 3 QUESTIONS for Monday


AP English 1 – Monday, complete reading of S. King persuasive essay and the questions on page 307, all questions. Also complete our graphic organizer that traces the structure, main ideas and supporting details and persuasive devices. Also, ADD the main argument made by writer.

Tuesday: Complete Anticipation GUIDE for Night, Holocaust Memoir and then begin reading Chapters 1 – 3, keeping track of characterization on handout and answering assigned questions.


Thursday: Grade S King Questions in class and discuss graphic organizer and King’s use of deductive or inductive reasoning. We will then watch a short biography of Elie Wiesel and begin reading his Nobel Prize Winning Memoir.

FRIDAY: Complete video introduction of Elie Wiesel and NIGHT, check out our own copy of the book and begin reading chapter 1, noting the two perspectives and some of the historical cultural elements.

Assigned for Monday: Chapters 1 – 3 and start answering assigned questions, please.

Lesson Plans: Week of March 27- March 31

Monday: FINAL review session for STAAR E.O.C which is scheduled for tomorrow at the beginning of the day until FIVE hours later. Classroom assignments will be posted in the freshmen hall and with Mrs. Wiersig in her classroom. Please KNOW we you are to report for your testing that day. Bring TWO No. 2 pencils with a good eraser, a bottle of water or two, and maybe some peppermints or a couple sticks of gum.

TUESDAY: STAAR End of Course Exam for ALL freshmen. Report to your assignment classroom at the first bell and bring backpacks, lunches, supplies with you at that time.

WEDNESDAY: Introduction to Persuasive Reading and Writing – Short video about counterarguments and reading background to Inductive and Deductive Reasoning. Begin reading S. King’s “Now Take Snow White and Bambi – That’s Scary” essay. Deconstruct the essay for its structure, use of concession, counter-argument, etc. Then we will proceed to answer some in-depth questions about the passage.


We will consult Apexlearning to examine introduction, quizzes, and practice with persuasive techniques as well. Continue with completing the first persuasive essay questions and then we will be grading our answers to these questions. With any remaining time, we will practice sentence construction using pictures, images to create more imagery and vivid details in our writing.

FRIDAY: Second persuasive piece of the week will be about the issue of whether libraries, the concrete, physical buildings, are being phased out and whether or not they need to be saved. The article is in our textbook and also has some great critical thinking questions that follow. 

See ya. Then. Mrs. W