Lesson Plans: Week of February 21-24

Pre-AP English 1: TUESDAY – End of Course Benchmark – 5 hour testing

Wednesday: Continue Appositives exercise + Participle Phrases. We will begin our study of informational/procedural texts and comparative nonfiction as well.

Thursday: Meeting with Mrs. Pearce – course selection/scheduling

Friday: Continue study and application of phrasing from infinitives to appositives and participles. We will apply this to sentence combining exercises and continue reading and understanding of terminology with procedural and informational texts. Before leaving, review strategies for writing effective conclusions.

Monday, next week – Outside reading of nonfiction (autobiography or biography) will be assigned.


ENGLISH 1 – TUESDAY – End of Course Benchmark –  5 hour test

WEDNESDAY: Half-Day Classes – Practice Grammar Exercise of sentence=combining and APPOSITIVE phrases as identification for noun. We will also practice writing our own, based on images/pictures and color-coding these.

THURSDAY: Mrs. Pearce comes to speak and discuss course selections.

FRIDAY: Examine EOC results if available by then and your expository essay on “Failure can strengthen people.” We will add to our repertoire using these writing instruction videos:

Lesson Plans: English 1 Week of February 13 – 17

Monday: English 1 – AFter our review of Focus, Focus, Focus on the THESIS, the star of the show, we will begin practice of our plan and introductions today. Writing in timed situation, receiving peer feedback, and revising/editing for specificity. We will also preview a model essay about FAME, how the write employs elaboration, Taking CHANCES essay. AS needed, refer to Mr. Sato’s video “How to WRite a HOOK.”

Assigned: Complete WEB plan and introduction of expository essay for tomorrow’s class.

Tuesday: Peer-review effective introductions and expository essay w/grammar questions embedded. Begin elaborated body paragraph, using a variety of examples from real-world observations, literary allusions or personal examples. WE will refer to our Quick-Write as a source of ideas and also listing specific details before writing, as we often lapse into TELLING, rather than SHOWING.

Assigned: Complete elaborated paragraphs for expository essay – writing to be understood and to share. Tomorrow we will peer review our essays in class.

Wednesday: Peer-REview expository essay, revise and edit using DRAFT and CUPS steps. Begin reading expository essay about issue(s) and answer critical questions that follow from textbook.

Assigned: Next Quick-Write check is due tomorrow. #5-8 topics. WRite on blue paper please as this will be easier to keep up with.

Thursday: Revising and editing warm-up and writing with appositives and participial phrases for concision and clarity. We will also be examining comma usage and restrictive/non-restrictive clauses. Record rules and examples in your journal as we examine models, practice our own constructions, and note professional models as well.

Friday: Examine a model persuasive essay to note similarities and differences from expository essay structures, purposes, writing techniques of argumentation, using a Stephen King persuasive essay. Take notes in class. Monday we will review the basics of poetry and any final review needed before our ELA benchmark Tuesday.


Lesson Plans: Pre-AP 1

Monday: Pre-AP 1:

Glass Menagerie Tests returned. Grammar exercise and Quick-Write. Practice writing a specific Hook-Bridge- and one body expository paragraph, noting sentence structures and example choice. We will also refer to a model expository essay in our textbook as a guide.

Assigned: Complete hook-bridge-thesis and ONE body paragraph. Incorporate an appositive and/or participle phrase as per our practice today. Continue Quick-Writes throughout the week, with even numbered response being based on personal experience and odd numbered based on real-world observation or literary/historical allusions (3rd person). These will be due by Friday as a idea bank for expository writing.

Tuesday: Pre-AP 1: Sharing in small groups our introductions and elaborated body paragraphs. Rewrite as needed. We will continue our sentence construction exercise and examining THe Great Sentences website as a model for our writing.

Assigned: Read informational passages in literature book on pages 492 – 496 about space programs. Tomorrow we will write a 35-40 minute expository essay about the importance of safety as described in the three informational texts. We will examine an ACT sampe prompt and essay as a model of these more responsive, connected essay-types.

Wednesday: Share essay-responses and make needed corrections based on peer feedback. Submit. WE will then begin reading some persuasive texts and examine terms as defined on pages 519-520. Some pieces we will examine include “Libraries Face Sad Chapter,” and MLK’s “I Have a Dream,” and Stephen King’s “How Scary is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Thursday: Continue persuasive mini-unit, examining the above texts and noting the writer’s use of logos, ethos, pathos and inductive vs. deductive reasoning as part of argumentation.

Assigned: We will go to the library in the next couple of days and check out a nonfiction piece – autobiography or biography for our next outside writing assignment. I am reading Paul Kalinithi’s When Breath Becomes Air. 

Friday: Poetry review of terms/devices/tropes/structure/types = We will read a sonnet, lyric, AND test poem as review and practice.

Assigned: Read the first 20-25 pages of your nonfiction selection and begin your journaling as per instructions/guidelines. Benchmark will be February 21st.

Lesson Plans: Week of February 6 – 10

Monday: English 1 – Return Major Test – Raisin in the Sun and correct the first ten questions about themes and characterizations. Continue reading ACT III of RITS, noting the falling action (aftermath of crisis in ACT II). Notice how the structure and plot development advances the THEME, CONFLICTS and character development.

Assigned: Select THREE of the remaining poems I provided that are thematically linked to RITS and write out a theme statement for each. We will practice one in class again as a warm-up. Another location for finding poems that might have a thematic or character-type connection would be Poetry 180 website. Complete reading of ACT 3. scene i and questions in your flipbook.

Billy Collins’ Poetry 180 Website – Start shopping for a poem that thematically connects to some aspect of Raisin in the Sun. This will go towards our literary weaving poem activity.

Tuesday: English 1 – Grade RITS ACT 3, scene 1 questions in class today. Revising and editing exercises to sharpen our grammar skills and ability to identify the correct structure of a story or expository essay. We will practice three passages in class and grade these.

Assigned: Complete reading of ACT 3 tonight. We will have a brief review, answer the remaining questions in our flipbook. The flipbook is due in its entirety on Thursday.

Wednesday: English 1 – Quiz/reading questions over ending of RITS and then we will select another comparative poem, complete a comparative chart and write a cross-over response in class.

Assigned: Complete written response to comparative poem to text response. Due tomorrow. We will be making a comparison based on subject matter, TONE, conflicts, and resolution (if there is one).

Thursday: English 1 – REvisit FOCUS< FOCUS< FOCUS for writing the thesis in an expository essay. We will review Mr. Sato’s the Essay Machine and practice writing a Hook-Bridge-Thesis for an expository prompt – timed.

Assigned: Complete planning web if you do not finish this in class today. WE will share this tomorrow in small groups. 

Friday: English 1 – Share in small groups your expository plan and introduction. We will then examine TWO model essays and not the writer’s organization, specificity with STRONG, well-chosen examples, and elaboration. We will then begin writing our essay, which we will finish in class on Monday.

Next unit is Informational/Technical Documents, the Expository Essay, and Persuasive Speeches and essays.

Lesson Plans: Week of February 6-10

Pre-AP 1: Monday – Complete timed expository essay. Peer-score and review after practicing revising and editing, both STAAR passages and practice ACT passages.

Assigned: Typed final draft of expository essay in PEG. Remember, you are required to make a literary allusion as one of your supporting examples. Typed final draft is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Complete reading of Glass Menagerie and assigned critical questions, To Be Announced. Remember that your responses are to have textual support, a variety of sentence structures, and well thought-out-ideas. Due tomorrow. Glass Menagerie Major Test on Thursday. This will cover drama terms as applied to the play, examples of expressionism and memory play elements, a comparative drama passage, and a comparative response of poem to play. 

Wednesday: Grade answers to critical thinking questions. Second exercise with sentence structures with appositives and participles from Sentence Compositing from High School handbook. Complete lesson with revising and editing passage, considering student’s use of thesis, paragraph development and transitions. Final, typed draft of expository essay is due today in PEG. 

Thursday: Major Test today covering Glass Menagerie, as specified on Tuesday. Written response is part of your test. 

Friday: We will begin an introduction to Informational Texts as outlined in our literature books, pages 492 –  497, targeting Space Shuttle Basics, Flight of the Year and Live from Kennedy Space Center. We will also parallel Sally Ride’s Single Room, Earth View expository essay (p. 468).




English 1 – January 30- February 3

Monday: ON PEG, your favorite music essay should be submitted before class so you can participate in an editing group. You will use a REVISING and EDITING handout to guide you through evaluation peers’ essays. When finished, we will continue reading Raisin in the Sun, ACT 2, scene 1.

Assigned: Complete reading of RITS, ACT 2, scene 1 and the THREE questions in your flipbook from this scene. Remember these are BIG questions so your answer should be C.A.S.T. = complete sentence, accurate information, specific details and textual evidence, as needed.

Tuesday: Grade our THREE questions from ACt 2, scene 1. Then we will continue reading ACT 2, scene 2 and watch scenes from the movie, noting effectiveness of acting, dialogue, setting/staging, etc. 

Assigned: Complete reading of ACT 2, scene 2, if we don’t finish in class, complete the THREE questions and read the companion poem for tomorrow’s comparative/discussion of drama to play

MAJOR TEST THURSDAY over Act 1, 2, and beginning of ACT 3, drama terms, phrases & clauses as we have studied so far.

Wednesday: Continue reading of RITS. Warm-up with revising and editing practice passage, using DRAFT and CUPS and acronyms for steps in revising/editing process. Apply this to the writing of our Favorite Music essays in PEG. Make needed changes based on today’s lesson.

Assigned: Complete reading of ACT 2, scene THREE, study drama terms, and come prepared for tomorrow’ RITS Major Test over our reading, thus far.

Thursday: MAJOR TEST – RAISIN IN THE SUN. Bring pencil for scan-tron portion. You will also be required to use a cover sheet – one that I provide. 

Friday: More revising and editing practice in class using passages from expository and literary sources. Then you will QUICKWRITE a web-plan and introduction for expository essay. We will continue writing our timed essay in class on Monday. Come prepared.



Lesson Plans – Pre-AP 1. January 30 – February 3

Monday; PRE-AP 1. Quiz today over scenes 4 and 5. Reading of scene 4 of Glass Menagerie AND three analytical questions due for 8th period. We will continue reading today and absorb scene 5 and 6, companioned with scenes from the movie and our analysis.

Assigned: Reading questions from our question packet for scene 5 and 6. Due Wednesday.

Tuesday: Grammar warm-up of phrases and clauses, namely appositives and participial phrases. Practice writing samples of our own. Continue reading scene 6 of GM, noting TW’s use of expressionism, memory play aspects, and subjective exploration of deep human emotions.

ASsigned: Questions due tomorrow as assigned yesterday! We will grade these in class tomorrow.

Wednesday: Revising and editing warm-up (10 minutes) from ACT/SAT practice test. Grade in class. Then we will discuss and grade our analytical questions from assigned scenes as of Monday.

Thursday: Focus, Focus, Focus exercise on Thesis statement in expository writing. Complete in 5 minutes your PLAN for expository essay and proceed to write an effective introduction – attempt a literary allusion in your introduction as a examples in your body paragraphs. Complete reading of scene 7 Glass Menagerie, noting resolution and THEME statement from TW.

Assigned: Complete reading of Glass Menagerie and finalize plan for expository writing.

Friday: We will be writing a timed essay in class tomorrow over selected expository prompt and THIS time striving for rhetorical strategies such as “the rhetorical question,” parallelism (Magic 3), and chiasmus, appositives and participial phrases, as practiced in class this week. This essay will be a test grade and preparation for our state assessment just around the corner.



Lesson Plans: English 1 – January 23-27

English 1: 

Monday: Reading of Act 1, scene i due when you walk in the door + your insightful answers to the THREE questions in your flipbook for scene i. We will grade these, review Act 1 and then complete our RTI Universal Screener (required by state of Texas for intervention purposes). 

Tuesday: Warm-up Grammar review of phrases and clauses, beginning with appositives and participles. We will also begin to practice revising and editing passages and apply these strategies to our own writing, most of all.  Read ACT 1, scene ii and as reading record characterizations and answers to key events in flipbook, add needed vocabulary from list, and record notes in our journals about types of conflicts – man vs. man, self, society. 

Assigned: Complete reading of ACT 1, scene ii and be prepared for quiz and to answer three more probing analytical questions from flipbook and complexity icons. 

Wednesday: Half-day so classes that meet will quiz over ACT 1, scene ii, answer the three questions in our flipbook and complete our graphic organizer for conflict types in play, thus far. We will also devise questions as we read, stop to summarize, and make complex inferences about Hansberry’s use of stage directions to enhance meaning/message in play. 

Classes who did NOT meet will complete the three questions in the flipbook today and bring to class tomorrow. We will also quiz tomorrow over reading, thus far. 

Thursday: Introduce ACT 2, using a poem or parallel scene from a play about dreams or disenfranchisement, and do a short TP-CASTT warm-up of the poem’s meaning. Be prepared to make comparisons as we read scene i of Act 2. Quiz today over assigned reading and summarizing. While reading, we will also note Hansberry’s use of dramatic elements to develop the events, relationships, and conflicts.

Assigned: Complete reading of scene ii, ACT 2 tonight. Record any questions or confusion you might have while reading.

Friday: Small group summarizing exercise for Act 2 and applying complexity icon questions to discussion. Quick-write and complete questions in flipbook and adding of characters to characterization page. We will also DRAW in our flipbooks how we picture the stage/apartment, hallway, etc., as indicated by Hansberry in the stage directions. Finish with Grammar review of phrases/clauses and Hansberry’s stylistic use in her drama.

Assigned: Begin reading of ACT 2, scene iii from RITS due Monday